Gecko Run: Marble Run Twister Expansion Pack

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Product Description

Gecko Run takes classic marble runs to the next level with new creative challenges and less restrictive building requirements. This innovative marble run uses a specially designed system of flexible tracks that does not require any support structures. Traditional marble runs require lots of pieces to create vertical height, but with Gecko Run, your doors, windows, cupboards, bookcases – virtually any smooth surface – become part of your track, allowing you to build higher with fewer pieces.

Attach the tracks to surfaces with the help of clever nano pads, which work like nanoscopic suction cups, to create a strong, but temporary bond. Because the pads are not glue-based, they can be quickly and easily repositioned many times without damaging adhesives or sticky residue. A quick wipe with a microfiber cloth will keep your pads ready for action!

The versatile tracks are made from renewable, durable, and sustainably sourced raw materials. Thanks to their wide range of motion and flexibility, you can create hills and jumps, and even turn corners to generate a limitless number of tricks and stunts. No two tracks are ever the same! Each unique configuration promotes hands-on experimentation, supports problem-solving through trial-and-error, develops motor skills, and encourages creativity for kids and their grown-ups!

With the Gecko Run: Twister Expansion Pack, you can give your marbles a real spin. This not only brings extra fun to your Gecko Run marble run, but also makes the laws of physics visible.

The Twister Expansion Pack comes with over a dozen pieces to complement the Gecko Run Starter Set, including a twister stunt; additional marbles and nano-adhesive pads; 2 extra tracks; and more.

  • Intuitive: Tracks attach to smooth surfaces with the help of clever nano-adhesive pads that stick to smooth, vertical surfaces around your home
  • Mess-free: The pads are not glue-based and can be quickly and easily repositioned without leaving behind damage or sticky residue.
  • Open-Ended: Position in endless configurations on smooth surfaces 
  • Educational: Develop engineering and problem-solving skills, and see physics in action
  • Tracks made from renewable raw materials
    Product Information

    Ages: 8+
    Experiments: 2
    Piece Count:  13
    Manual Pages: 4
    Product Dimensions: 4.8 x 11.2 x 2 in.
    Product Weight: 0.3 lbs
    Manual Dimensions: 4.5 x 6.5 in.
    Batteries Required: N/A
    Country of Origin: Germany
    Year Released: 2024


    A 2024 Toy Insider Top Summer Toy


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