Candy Claw Machine: Help with Assembly

Step-by-Step Assembly Video

Watch this video showing all of the steps to assemble your Candy Claw Machine.  

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Complete Online Assembly Instruction Manual

Click the link for the complete Candy Claw Machine manual


Additional Information for Trickiest Steps

In engineering, tinkering and persistence are often required to get stuff working properly. Here are some detailed alternate instructions for the three most difficult parts of the assembly process:

    1. Assembling the scissor arm mechanism (manual step 11)
    2. Oiling and filling the hydraulics (manual steps 13 – 20)
    3. Installing the ribbon (manual steps 35 – 38)
    4. Re-lubricating and refilling the hydraulics after the machine has been assembled

    1. Alternate instructions for assembling the scissor arm mechanism

    Here are more detailed instructions that break down how to assemble the scissor arm mechanism, which is step 11 in the manual.

    After you have completed step 10 in the manual ...

    The parts here are shown upright, but it's easiest to assemble them flat on a table.

    Carefully pick up the parts to insert A10. If they come apart, place them back together before moving on to the next step.

    You did it! Continue on to step 12 in the manual.


    2. Alternate instructions for oiling and filling the hydraulics

    You will find steps on assembling the hydraulics in the manual in steps 13 –16. For the Candy Claw Machine to function properly, the hydraulics must be well lubricated. 

    While you are doing steps 13 through 16, be sure to fully coat the piston seals (P13) in oil. We recommend using baby oil, vegetable oil, or other cooking oil. Pour a small amount of oil into a bowl. Fully submerge the piston seal into the oil, then shake off any excess oil drips.

    Place the piston inside the cylinder and move it back and forth, coating the inside of the cylinder with oil. 

    If your hydraulics are squeaking or not running smoothly, you may need to re-apply oil to the pistons.

    Follow the alternate steps below to fill your hydraulics completely with water. (The following steps replace steps 18 – 20 in the manual.)

    After you have completed step 17 ...

    You did it! Continue on to step 21 in the manual.


    3. Alternate instructions for installing the ribbon

    The ribbon moves the claw from side to side. Below you will find alternate instructions for installing the ribbon. (The following steps replace steps 35 – 38 in the manual.)

    After you have completed step 34 ...


    You may find it easier to wind the spools and reinstall the axle with the machine on its side.

    The ribbon should be taut. If you pull gently on one side of the ribbon, the worm screw housing should move smoothly.

    Continue on to step 39 in the manual.


    4. Re-lubricating and refilling the hydraulics after the machine has been assembled

    If you need to re-lubricate and re-fill the hydraulics with water after the machine has been assembled, you do NOT need to disassemble the entire machine.

    1. Carefully unclasp the blue cap pieces (A12 & A13), then use tweezers or small pliers to push the prongs of the pins out. 

    2. Unclip the lever and remove the piston from the cylinder. You can keep the cylinder attached to the machine.

    3. Re-lubricate the piston seals and the insides of the cylinders. 

    4. Put the piston back in the cylinder and clip the lever to the machine. 

    5. Detach tube T1 from X3 and tube T2 from X4. Then feed these back through the loop at the top of the machine. 

    6. Flip the machine upside down.

    7. For each tube, hold the loose end in a bowl of water while you move the levers back and forth to draw water into the hydraulics.

    8. When the hydraulics are full, flip the machine right side up, and re-attach the T1 to X3 and T2 to X4. 

    If re-lubricating and re-filling the hydraulics does not work, check the cylinders (C8) for cracks and check the piston seals (P13) for tears. 

    If you have any damaged or defective parts, or if you are still having trouble with your Candy Claw Machine, please contact T&K Technical Support:


     Using and Troubleshooting your Candy Claw Machine

    Watch this video showing how to operate and fix your Candy Claw Machine.