CHEM C3000 (V 2.0)

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Product Description

CHEM C3000 is the ultimate chemistry set. This kit includes all of the components from CHEM C2000, plus dozens of additional tools and chemicals, and 100 additional experiments, for a total of more than 333 experiments. The 192-page, full-color experiment manual is written at a more advanced level than the other CHEM kit manuals. You could call it a textbook, but the manual is too much fun to make that comparison. CHEM C3000 has a similar hands-on approach to teaching chemistry as our other CHEM kits, but also teaches more advanced topics such as chemical equations, atomic structures, and the periodic table. These concepts are critical to continued study of chemistry. CHEM C3000 is an excellent preparation for high-school level chemistry.

CHEM C3000 covers all of these topics and more: introduction to chemistry, safety information, setting up your workspace, acids & bases, salts & solutions, elements & compounds, solids, liquids & gases, combustion, air & air pressure, air pollution, our environment, metals, oxidation & rust, atoms & molecules, history of chemistry, crystal lattices, chemical formulas, ubiquitous elements, oxygen, hydrogen, water, solutions & saturation, hydrogen peroxide, atomic bonds, orbitals & shells, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, bromine & iodine, families of elements, the periodic table, sulfur, carbon dioxide, mineral deposits, baking soda & powder, ammonia, crystals & solutions, chemical indicators, separating mixtures, chromatography, electron transfer, electrolysis, electrochemistry, carbon, fossil fuels, alcohol, soils, soaps & detergents, sugars & starches, monomers & polymers, proteins, and waste disposal

Product Information

Ages: 12+
Experiments: 333
Piece Count: 103
Manual Pages: 192
Product Dimensions: 21.3 x 14.6 x 7.2 in.
Product Weight: 7.7 lbs
Manual Dimensions: 8.25 x 11 in.
Batteries Required: 9 Volt (1)
Country of Origin: Germany
Year Released: 2011


"Best Overall Chemistry Set" from The Wall Street Journal

NGSS Correlations

5-PS1-2 Structure and Properties of Matter
5-PS1-3 Structure and Properties of Matter
5-PS1-4 Structure and Properties of Matter
MS-PS1-2 Matter and Its Interactions
MS-PS1-6 Matter and Its Interactions


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