Wow in the World: The Ultimate High-Flying Air Rocket - COMING IN 2024

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Product Description

Blast off to hilarious science fun with your own high-flying air-powered rocket kit. Kids (and adults!) are in for an active afternoon of laughter and learning as they stomp to launch their rockets, making silly fart and whistle sounds in the process. The goofy sound effects jumpstart scientific investigations into physics and air pressure as kids learn how farts are, in fact, kind of like rockets! Experiment with three different rocket designs and customize them with stickers. Explore how the different sound-making nozzles affect the rockets’ performance. Adjust the angle of the launch tube to test your aim and to understand how the angle determines how far the rocket will fly. The launcher even has a simple air pressure meter so kids can analyze and understand their jump power. Store everything in the included mesh bag.

A fun, eight-page, full-color experiment guide assists you in setting up your launcher, launching the rockets, and conducting experiments with them. When the jumping and launching is done for the day, tune in to the exclusive podcast content to learn more about how rockets work from Wow in the World’s Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas.

The kit also includes a measuring tape to use with your fart rocket experiments and to add to your permanent collection of classic STEM tools.

  • Place the rocket on the launch pad and then stomp to launch it high into the air
  • The launcher makes funny sound effects like farts and whistles when stomped
  • Includes three different rockets to experiments with
  • Customize your rockets with stickers and streamers
  • Learn about how rockets work, the laws of physics demonstrated by rockets, air pressure, and how farts and rockets are similar
  • Exclusive Wow in the World audio content featuring Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas enhances the play and the learning
  • When done, store everything in the included mesh bag
  • Bonus tool: Tweezers
Product Information

Ages: 4+
Experiments: 5
Piece Count: 14
Manual Pages: 8
Product Dimensions: 7.6 x 11 x 3 in.
Product Weight: 3 lbs.
Manual Dimensions: 7 x 7 in.
Batteries Required: N/A
Country of Origin: China
Year Released: 2024


Download Manual (PDF)
Download Hi-Res Images (ZIP)
Air Rocket Next Level Challenges (PDF)