Gecko Run – The Future of Marble Runs!

Gecko Run takes classic marble runs to the next level with new creative challenges and less restrictive building requirements. This innovative marble run uses a specially designed system of flexible tracks that does not require any support structures. Traditional marble runs require lots of pieces to create vertical height, but with Gecko Run, your doors, windows, cupboards, bookcases –  virtually any smooth surface – become part of your track, allowing you to build higher with fewer pieces.

Each unique configuration promotes hands-on experimentation, supports problem-solving through trial-and-error, develops motor skills, and encourages creativity for kids and their grownups!

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gecko run starter set box
Gecko Run Trampoline Expansion Box
Gecko Run Loop Expansion Box
Gecko Run Twister Expansion Box
Gecko Run Snake Expansion Box

The Race is on! How will you set up your track?

gecko run sample set up1 gecko run sample setup 2 gecko run example set up 3
gecko run example set up 4
gecko run example set up 5 gecko run example set up 6
gecko run example set up 7 gecko run example set up 8 gecko run putting track on glass panel